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documentary | 2024 | 2 x 45 min

A two-part TV-documentary about the murder of a chinese student in eastern Germany and the german-asian community and their struggle facing stereotypes and racism in their everyday-life.

Directors Quỳnh Lê Nguyễn & Claudia Tuyết Scheffel
Authors Quỳnh Lê Nguyễn, Linda Kokkores, Philipp Link, Lillian Malan & Claudia Tuyết Scheffel
Photography Nathan Ishar & Lukas Ishar
Editor Philipp Link

Producers Lillian Malan, Philipp Link & Linda Kokkores
Executive Producer Christoph Menardi

Created by Lillian Malan, Philipp Link & Linda Kokkores

A production by NEOS FILM in cooperation with Gute Zeit Film.
Comissioned by RTL ZWEI.

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