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1 Das Sofortbild-System 63
2 Crumble Fish
3 Seite A Seite B
4 Die Schlachtfelder der Zukunft
5 Μπόνι (Bonnie)
6 Projekt Eva
7 Summer Hit


No. 7

Summer Hit

Short | 2019 | 18 min | 16mm

Laia from Spain and Emil from Iceland are Erasmus students in Munich.
After having sex for a couple of times, Emil professes his love to Laia - but she panics and runs away.
Their time abroad is almost up, but they still have to find out whether this is just a summer thing or the real deal.

Written and directed by Berthold Wahjudi
Photography by Tobias Blickle
Produced by Melissa Byrne & Philipp Link

With Martina Roura and Atli Benedikt

No. 6



Spot | 2018 | 16 mm

The story about a temporary pattern project based on white garments.

Written and directed by Philipp Link
Photography by Tobias Blickle
Fashion by Christl Hammerand & Steffi Bauer

Model: Hanna Wörndl
Voice: Mona Vojacek Koper
Mark watch spot

No. 5


Μπόνι (Bonnie)

Short | 2018 | 2 min | 16 & 35mm

Bonnie is dreaming of a ride in the Mediterranean sun and the orange-eating mystery girl she left behind.

Written and directed by Linda Kokkores & Philipp Link Photography by Philipp Link & Tobias Blickle Score by Tim Koder & Julien Hebenstreit

With Denise Riedmayr & Cordelia Berschinski

Mark watch short

Die Schlachtfelder der Zukunft

Short | 2018 | 6 min | 16mm

Germany, 2030: Former war journalist Lea breaks into the compound of a war drone CEO.

Written and directed by Philipp Link
Photography Tobias Blickle
Produced by Max Scherer
Producers: Melissa Byrne & Mirjam Weisflog
Score by Sebastian Schwittay
Costume design by Lara Scherpinski

With Jasmina Al Zihairi

No. 4


No. 3

Seite A Seite B

Short | 2018 | 2 min | 35mm

Twin girls get into a fight whose turn it is to flip the tape.

Written and directed by Berthold Wahjudi
Photography by Tobias Blickle
Crew: Linda Kokkores, Philipp Link, Denise Riedmayr

With Klara and Maria Wördemann
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